• 200 t / h Benchtop Random Access Analyzer for small / medium size laboratories with advanced requirements in technological aspects
  • It integrates mixed sample / reagent rotor of 88 positions, LED light source technology with autocorrection of its intensity, 8-step Washing Station with overflow sensor, barcode reader (samples and reagents) and single pippeting arm
  • The compact design allows even high chemical / biological contamination residues to be separated from common liquid waste
  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer with The Highest Flexibility

    STAT and Routine Laboratories Benchtop Random Clinical Chemistry Analyze

    Instrument Name : Biochemistry Analyzer

    Sample Volume Serum : 100 uL / Urine: 200 uL

    Throughput : 200 test/h (without electrolytes)

    Photometric Range : -0.2 to 3.5 A

    Weight : 166 Kg