Eppendorf Pipette Holder system

Eppendorf Pipette Holder system
  • The Eppendorf Pipette Holder System stores all current mechanical and electronic Eppendorf pipettes (including the Multipette®) and most of their predecessors
  • Pipette Carousel 2: Rotatable holder with completely new design for all mechanical pipettes including Eppendorf Research®, Research plus, Reference, Reference 2 and Biomaster®
  • Charer Carousel 2: Carousel with intelligent charging electronics and increased capacity for up to six instruments (charges four instruments at a time and all six in turn)
  • Carousels and stands with interchangeable pipette holders and charger shells, no tools required
  • Large rubber feet protect carousels and stands from liquids spilled on bench top
  • Pictograms on all charger shells and pipette holders for clear assignment in the lab
  • Well within reach: the Eppendorf Pipette Holder System helps you to organize your lab.