i-SmartCare 10

i-SmartCare 10
  • Single All-in-one multi-test cartridge POC system for Whole Blood Gas Testing
  • No on-site maintenance or technical service required
  • Light & compact in size, optimized for POC
  • Intuitive and Easy to use GUI with graphic, voice and visual guidance
  • Built-in high capacity battery allows for mobility and continuous testing. (2 hours battery life)
  • All-in-one cartridge system contains all needed reagents, micro-sensors, fluidics and waste allowing for easy and simple management and storage at room temperature
  • Wide range of cartridge sizes allow for standardization of platform and efficient use across Hospital locations
  • Ensures accurate test results through automatic calibration and system performance monitoring
  • Syringe, capillary and QC samples without adapters
  • Built-in barcode scanner & printer
  • Self-cleaning sample probe prevents contamination between samples
  • Fast turn-around time with patient test results in 50 seconds
  • Increased usability by providing multi-language GUI and voice guidance
  • Illuminated sampling area for easier testing in near patient conditions
  • i-SmartCare™ 10 Data Management System (*) allows for device, sample, QC and operator monitoring & management across multiple installations across multiple installation
  • Automatic & continuous quality monitoring, management & reporting with i-SmartCare™ 10 Data Management System with CareQM (*)
  • (*) in development

    Blood Gas Analyzer


    Dimension / Weight : 269 X 391 X 255 mm / 8.4 kg

    Display : 9 inch TFT LCD touchscreen

    Printer : 2 inch built-in thermal printer

    Interface : USB (2-Port) / Serial (RS-232) / LAN (RJ45 Ethernet) / HDMI / Barcode scanner

    Power : 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Built-in battery : Up to 2 hours of sample measurement (Lithium ion cell)