NW 15

The sterilizing unit is designed for on-site installation in up to 300 beds hospitals.
Sterilizer for Potentially Infectious Healthcare Waste

Sterilization method : Frictional heating (Unpressurized moist heat)

Processing potential : 30/40 kg/h¹ 340 lt/h

External aspect of treated waste :Homogeneous small- sized granules

Final volume of treated waste :20-25% of initial volume

Final weight of treated waste:70-75% of initial weight

Sterilization vessel volume: Roughly 170 liters Ø = 500 mm, H = 856 mm

Overall control system: Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Temperature measurement:By variable-resistance sensors

Cycle recording:Time-temperature flow recording

Final cooling: Roughly 95C° through H2O evaporation